6 Ways to Make Your Event Memorable for Decades

What makes weddings and private parties memorable for decades? Do you have an upcoming event that you are looking for a way to make it have a lasting impression on your guests for years and years to come? This post gives you 6 ways to make your wedding or private party a memorial.

People forget Weddings and Private Parties

A few years down the line after your wedding, very little will be remembered of it, and that is a fact. But there are some things you can do to make sure that those memories things will stick with as many people as possible.  And that’s what this post is about; how to make your wedding or private party a memorable event for decades.

Before we start, note that weddings are essentially personal or private parties, and the details that would make any party memorable, and the exact same details that would make your wedding a memorial.

Over years of organizing and planning weddings, we have concluded that the single most important key to make any wedding or private party a memorable experience for all attendees is what we will call, the event atmosphere.

What is event atmosphere? 

In short, event atmosphere is the overall look and feel of your wedding or event. So to make your event memorable,  you have to address the elements that contribute to the look and feel of your event.

We will take a look at 6 things that affect your events look and feel;

1. Size of your guest list:

Crowd size for events is always a variable subject mostly depending on where you’re from. But from a Western point of view,  a small wedding typically includes 50 people or under, a medium wedding has a guest list of anywhere from 50-150 guests, and a large wedding has over 150 attendees, according to Aleesha Thomas

What makes the numbers important here, is what kind of interaction and connection the guests would have among themselves. Surely, a western wedding with less than 50 people, mostly family members who rarely see each other, would have the last mark on all attendees by virtue of merely how much catching up there is to be done.

Note also that an African wedding with hundreds of guests and extended family members is prone to be more stressful on the hosts, mainly because of the sheer number of possible avenues for things to go wrong. 

Big or small, who people meet at your event has a lasting impression on them.

2. Ceremony and reception locations

Whether you hold your event in the church,  at your home, an event center, in a garden, or at the beach, the location can easily be the most memorable element of your big day.

Remember that locations like church auditoriums, beaches, or gardens immediately impose a certain ready-made atmosphere to the whole event, be it religion or nature and freshness.

3. The décor

The third element to atmosphere creation for your big day is your theme, and the creativity invested into achieving it.

Oh, what enchanting effect a well-lit room draped with satins can bring. Remember that if there’s one thing you can easily do to wow your guests without breaking your budget,  it is in being creative with your decoration and lighting. 

You can easily achieve a result that a whole section of your guest has probably never seen before, and to such individuals,  your wedding will be remembered even after decades.

4. Attire;

6 Ways to Make Your Event Memorable for Decades
Fashion designer adjusting wedding dress | Photo Credit: iStock

Granted, who won’t acknowledge that nothing affects how you feel than what you’re wearing. But nothing also impacts how people feel about you more than what they see you wearing.

Put some class and craftsman into what you wear for your wedding. It is ways advisable to have your dress made for you by a tailor or dressmaker than to buy it. You get a better-looking and better-fitting dress at whatever price range.

Closely connected to decor, is the costuming of your bridesmaids and servers. Always remember that simple and classy is always better.

5. Food

6 Ways to Make Your Event Memorable for Decades
Wedding hall or other function facility set for fine dining | Photo Credit: iStock

Okay, I must still inform you that there will always be those guests who care more about the food you’ll be serving than anything. And yes… some people will attend your event purposely because of the food.

So why not make an easy make on them by impressing them the best way possible. Making sure all your guests get served is how you can score points in this department. 

When it comes to what to serve, you need to be mindful of culture and living standards. In some circles, local foods are priced, in other circles, exotic dishes are priced. Know your circle and service your guests accordingly 

6. Entertainment;

Even though music is the number one thing that comes to mind in planning parties, it is also the number one thing we forget after the event.  

I submit to you that this is because of the mediocre job done by wedding MCs and DJs. 

That is why I would advise you to invest some time building your own playlist. Get help from people who are good at this, and put together the latest tunes fit for your event. And make sure you have a talk with your DJ or MC, let them know exactly what you want,  and together,  you can create some of the most memorable events for your guests for several years to come.

Let us know, in the comment section, how this post has helped you, and what practical way you intend to make your event memorable. 

We wish you well

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