5 Brilliant Ways to Involve Your Little Children or Teens in Your Wedding

What are 5 brilliant ways you can include your children in your wedding? We define marriage as a matrimonial union between a man and a woman, but anyone who’s been married, or coming close to marriage quickly discovers that marriage is also a very union of families.

This post discusses 5 brilliant ways you can include your family on your big day, especially your little ones. After all, they may be part of your marriage home for a long long time.

It’s true, everyone in the family will be full of joy because of the event, but including them in the ceremony itself creates an attitude of ownership and belonging in them all, and causes the “wedding feeling” to travel a lot wider to include more people.  Also, you can make your wedding a lot more memorable to your guests by the sheer adorable sight of, say, your five-year-old in her gown.

So let’s get to the 5 brilliant ways you can involve your children in your wedding

1. Junior photographer

5 Brilliant Ways to Involve Your Little Children or Teens in Your Wedding
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Taking brilliant photos is something many of today’s children can effectively help with. You may have your professional photographer alright, but consider, giving your 3-year-old some coaching I,n taking pictures,  and get ready to shock your wedding guests with your world’s youngest pro photographer ever!.

2. Ring bearer

You can let your toddlers carry your wedding rings in a little basket. Just make sure this is well supervised to avoid any losses due to negligence. An attendant could be specially assigned to keep a close eye on the child for as long as they’re carrying the ring basket 

3. Saying a vow

This one is amazing because the wedding vows get everyone’s attention at the wedding. You can involve your little ones by letting them recite a few lines after the officiating minister. This might require some prior rehearsals.

4. Holding a sign

You can pre-wedding photos and your invitation messages and on your wedding website, you can have your little ones hold a save-the-day sign. This can also be done in your engagement pictures. 

You can also have your children proceed you on the aisle holding a “Here-Comes-My-Mummy” sign. A scene of your toddler being drawn in a little wooden cart by one of your bridesmaids will dazzle your wedding guests too much. The cart could have a “Here-Comes-My-Mummy” sign 

5. Ceremonial groomsman

Surprising to your guests, but your children can easily usher your wedding guests to their seats. They could serve as your bridesmaids or even as your groomsman or MC.

With the least coaching, teenagers have been known to be brilliant maids of honour.  A daughter serving as her mam’s maid of honour, or a teenage son serving as the best man to his dad is such an adorable scene that if you can, then you must surely involve your children in this way.

How do these tips go down with you? Have you seen how children are inculcated into weddings or have you done this before yourself?

How did it go? You can share your feedback with us in the comments section before. We always like to engage and reply to your comments.

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